MDF - Lightbox
Traditional aluminum extrusion light-boxes  normally are  not accepted by Shopping Centers, They only approve sign-box with 3D logo and letters internally  illuminated , MDF box is suitable for all these applications and requirement.

Most box made from 16mm thick raw MDF, House the wiring and tubes inside ,  Router out on the front panel for light going through and push in 3d translucent logo/ letters. Then only the logo and letters are illuminated and the rest of the box are block of light.

MDF is easy to cut and router, any shapes ,any pattern which make it can be suitable for most  sign-box / sign-base /  sign-frames .

Any questions please feel free to ask :

< <MDF Box with Letters /Logo
Shopping Center Approved  signage solution

Box made from MDF, 2pac painted
pre-wired tubes inside the box
router the letters /logo/shapes from the front panel
push the 3d translucent letters/logo in
which let the light only go through the logo /letters
and the rest are block out