Reception Signage--Individual 3D Letters
The Unique and elegant design of  reception signage make it an impressive piece of office furniture with which to enhance any company's image. People walking into the reception  The overall look of the reception signage will give a feeling of business strength and quality. Signs portray more than words. Produce an enhanced workplace environment and reinforces the company image to both staff and visitors.

3D Reception Signage : Metal Letters
3D Reception Signage : Acrylic Letters
3D Reception Signage : MDF Letters

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< <3D Metal Reception Signage
Left :
Stainless Steel facial on clear acrylic base
pin off installation

3mm thick flat cut letters and logo cut from 3mm
alu-composite panel --
(is composed of a polyethylene core sandwiched between two sheets of aluminum)

Color of the alu-composite panel : Metallic Silver

< <Acrylic 3D Letters Reception Signage
Left :
Acrylic 3d letters and logo with 2 pac painted color


2 Layers of acrylic letters
Top: 4.5 mm thick  acrylic  with 2 pac painted orange
Bottom: 15mm thick opal white acrylic




< <MDF 2pac Paint  3D Letters Reception Signage
Left :
32mm thick MDF Letters  2 pac Paint nominated color

25 mm thick MDF Letters Layers of acrylic letters
Pin off installation