MDF Letters / Shapes / Signs  (Wood)
MDF is the most cost effective material with a variety of thickness : 3mm, 6mm ,12mm, 16mm, 25mm, 32mm
Easy to CNC Router/cutting to letters, logos, shapes, screen even engraved and making box
Most MDF jobs are finishes with 2pac spray paint  to your nominated  colors
They are suitable for all indoor applications

Any questions please feel free to ask :

< <MDF Logo 
This elegant signage is made by MDF from the box to the logo/ letters

Box made from 16mm MDF and 2pac paint color ,which house the wiring and transformer in side

"V & A" made from 32mm MDF  paint color, Embedded the LED strips at the back of the letters

Pin off installation making  the letters about 50mm space from the backing box to get the halo effect

< <Painted MDF Letters
2pac painted  MDF Shapes and Letters


< < MDF Illuminated Signbox

Many sign-box or sign-base are made from MDF then 2pac painted,  the box can house the tubes, LED and wiring .

Cutting out the logo and letters where the light can go through

Then push the translucent Acrylic logo and letters in


< <MDF Screen and Pattern
Screen with pattern by CNC router  is very popular at this moment for shops decoration.

Router the pattern on MDF 16mm-25mm, then painted to get a really elegant look and add touch to the shop look .
< <Painted MDF Shapes
Tree branches  made from 16mm MDF
Painted with different colors to be a really "wow" wall decoration for the shop