Foamed PVC Letters /Signage
Foamed PVC is also called foamex or forex ,It has a semi gloss, hardened outer surface that is suitable for both interior and exterior applications.

Product Features:

  1. Suitable for Internal & External Use.
  2. Cost effective way of making sign letters /logos.
  3. Thickness: 3mm 10mm, 15mm, 20mm
  4. Colors  3mm thickness  ( white, black, yellow, red, blue, green ...)
    10mm 15mm  only  white. Other colours can be reach by covering the facial with color vinyl or digital printing  ( leave the edge white)

Any questions please feel free to ask :

< < Foamed PVC Letters with Vinyl Face
The Letters / logo are cut from 10mm white foamed pvc, facial with nominated color vinyl .

They are  the  most cost effective and lightweight signage and can be installed on the wall by glue.


< < Colored Foamed PVC Signage
Left: logo made from 15mm thick white foamed PVC ,no paint and vinyl cover at all.  It is still a very elegant ,neat and outstanding signage.

Right: signage made from 3mm colored foamed pvc
backing layer : black 3mm foamed pvc
top layers: red, white and Yellow foamed pvc



< < Thickness and Colors
Left :
different thickness of white foamed pvc from 3mm to 15mm

Right :
3mm foamed pvc comes with many standard colors such as : black  white  green yellow  grey  blue  red ....