Illuminated 3D Signs / Signage
Illuminated signs create a powerful impression and provide legibility and awareness at night for retail stores, buildings, and other environments. They stand out and attract passing crowds, particularly in high visibility, heavy traffic area within shopping centers or commercial precincts.

Light Source : All Illuminated 3D Signs / 3D Signage/3D Letters are Pre-wired with quality LED (transformer included )

Material: Opal Acrylic 's Translucent nature make it the very important role in the 3d Illuminated Signs
together with other material such as painted MDF, painted Acrylic ,Metal, Stainless Steel and colored Vinyl .

Types of Illuminated 3D Signs:

Whole-Lit Signs: Light go through front and side
Front-  Lit Signs: Light to through front only
Side-  Lit Signs : Light go through side ,  no light go through front
Back-  Lit Signs: Light backlit to the wall to get a halo effect

Any questions please feel free to ask :

< < Side- Lit  3D Signs /Signage

LED Whole-lit Acrylic Channel Signs
Letters are fabricated from acrylic from the front to the sides
leave sides as they are ( opal translucent)
front can be opal or applied by translucent colored vinyl

Deep: from 25mm -100mm

Details see Acrylic Fabricated signs /Letters  

< < Side- Lit  3D Signs /Signage
Side: opal acrylic returns, 25-100mm deep

Front : block-out material such as painted acrylic/ MDF, stainless steel ....

LED: pre-wired quality LED inside the letters

Light go through the sides not front

< <Back- Lit (Halo effect) 3D Signs /Signage
Backlit to the wall ,no light go through front and sides.

This kind of sign /signage must pins off installed to leave spaces to get the halo effect

Front /Sides: block painted acrylic , painted MDF  or Metal



< <Front - Lit  Illuminated Signage

Front: opal acrylic to let light go through

Side: block-out material such as painted acrylic/ MDF, stainless steel ....


< <Front +Side Letters
25mm thick acrylic letters
stainless steel facial
conceal with LED inside the letters