Foam Core Letters /Signage

Really chunky and thick signage, Maximize the impact of your signs.
Expanded polystyrene is the most common type of rigid foam due to its light weight, low cost, versatility and ease of use. The foam-core itself comes with color white but can be painted to any nominated colors

Product Features:

  1. Material: High quality EPS material with little beads
  2. Durable and Applications : Indoor or outdoor use  or any event (exhibition, show) 
  3. Face: Acrylic face or acrylic face with vinyl available. Which will help to strengthen the letters with a smooth hard face
  4. Eye-catching: Maximize the impact of your sale with the eye catching signs.
  5. Colour: Plain white or painted nominated colours.
  6. thickness : 30mm   50mm

Any questions please feel free to ask :

< <Painted Foam Letters
50mm thick  white foam-core cutting to letters by Router and then painted the nominated color blue

3mm blue acrylic as face to make the  letter overall blue and which provides extra protection for  the foam-core

< < Warehouse Foam Signage
Foam 3D Signage for Warehouse

50mm thick foam letters painted black

3mm black acrylic face to get a neat and smooth finishes

It is the most cost effective, big and professional signage for your warehouse, factory and store.


< < Big  Factory  Foam Signage
These big warehouse /factory 3d signs
composed of two layers :
bottom layer : 50mm white foam-core
top layer: 3mm alu-composite
edges: leave as white